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The 12+ errors to avoid when designing your website

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

While it is true that in Wix you will have access to pre-made templates, content, applications, SEO configuration, blog capabilities, email options, etc. it is your responsibility to set it up and maintain it.

Here is a guide that lists some common mistakes that may happen while building your website.

1. Buying the wrong domain name - You should choose a domain name (URL) that is easy to remember and related to your business. This URL will set the path for everything else you do from that point on.

Note: When you purchase a Premium Plan on Wix, the domain name is free. However, if the name your looking for is in high demand, I recommend you purchase it as soon as possible. It only takes a few clicks to purchase it.

2. Creating a complicated logo - Your logo should represent your service and reputation. A logo for a lawyer is very different from a logo for a shoe store.

Note: Your logo should be memorable but simple.

3. Allowing Wix Ads on Your Website - As long as the website has a free subscription, Wix or participating partners will advertise on it. Complete the upgrade to remove unwanted ads and be able to assign an official and unique domain name.

Note: People will respect your business more if you have a custom URL.

4. Posting images of low or no quality - An image says more than a thousand words, good and bad. Your photos must always be of high quality.

Note: High-quality photos are available from Wix for free and at a low cost.

5. Not having a Blog - The Blog will be your Website's best friend and will help you create a loyal customer base who will visit it and invite others to visit, making them your digital word-of-mouth. Well-written articles published on your blog will help your website to be discovered in organic Google searches.

Note: Link the articles on your Blog to other internal articles for enhanced SEO.

6. Not using "ALT Text" in your images - All images on your website must have descriptive and informative ALT Text. This will help you in SEO and also comply with other regulations.

Note: "ALT Text" helps your images to be discovered in Google "Images".

7. Not connected to social networks - One of the biggest mistakes is not enabling social links on your website that connect with social networks. If the visitor can jump from your website to your social page, they will be able to know your services and products in a more friendly and familiar environment and share it with their followers.

Note: Include at least 3 social links like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

8. Unclear messaging - Your message should be coherent, short, and clear. Much verbiage discourages any visitor and will leave your website immediately. The Font is also important and you should limit it to a total of two, no more than three Fonts on the entire website.

Note: In many instances, less is more. 9. Incomplete mobile configuration - Be sure to complete the mobile configuration of your website. Wix offers an elegant mobile setup, it even looks like an app when you open it on your phone.

Note: 70% or more of your visitors will use a mobile device to reach your website.

10. Not including reliable contact information - Your contact information should be prominently featured in your header, footer, and contact page. This adds to organic SEO results and allows the visitor to communicate with you through other means.

Note: Your phone number is actionable in mobile format.

11. Unclear “branding” - The description of the type of service you offer should be included in your heading. It should also include an "About Us" section to effectively introduce yourself to your visitors.

Note: Talk about your beginnings, who you are, where you are going, and why you are the best.

12. Failure to complete your SEO - This is a big mistake. Without SEO you will not be found on the internet nor will you be able to connect the website effectively with Google. An SEO strategy starts with the right SEO configuration.

Note: SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and allows free organic results when people search for services like the one you offer. This is what it looks like when your website is optimized.

13. Not having a presentation video - Video is the most efficient way to convey a message. A 30-second video on your website will create interest and increase the visit time. Your creativity is the limit.

Note: Wix includes a tool for creating and editing videos for social media.

14. Choosing the wrong online store app - Wix offers different online store alternatives, directly from Wix or through its partners. Choosing the right store before setting up inventory will save you a lot of time and work.

Note: There are online stores for general items and apps designed for restaurants. For stores with little inventory, the Gallery Pro app can be used with purchase buttons.

15. Not asking for help - While it is true that you are able to learn to work on your website, you will quickly realize that you cannot dedicate the necessary time to complete all the tasks needed to be effective and produce the results that you want. Creating a website is time-consuming and will distract you from other functions in your business. Set aside a budget to promote, virtually socialize, and keep your website optimal.
"Hiring a Certified Wix expert is money well spent." LBW Happy Customer

16. Not using Automation and Workflow - These are very useful tools to promote your business, maintain contact with your clients, connect to social networks, and other administrative functions.

Note: Create a "template" of a new service that you are going to offer (Automation) and schedule its launch when someone registers on your website (Workflow).

17. Not using the "Lightbox" - This is a free tool that you can use to highlight a specific and focused message to your visitors. It is the equivalent of a custom pop-up that can be used to your benefit.

Note: Encourage visitors to register to receive notifications and information about your services.

18. Not having a Privacy Policy - It is necessary to publish a Privacy Policy that explains what you do with the information you receive from your customers.

Note: To collect money online and serve European customers (GDPR) it is required to publish a Privacy Policy.

19. Not Updating ALT Text - Although the visitor does not see the ALT text contained on the website, Google does read it when prospective customers search the internet.

Note: ALT Text must be updated on all images on your website.

20. Not talking the talk - Clear communication between technical partners and customers is important. For example, terms like the page, the website, and the landing page are often used to refer to the “website" but they are not the same. Make every effort to include content that is transparent and easy to understand.

Note: A website is a collection of pages, sections, applications, and tools that are used correctly, create a virtual place to connect, captivate, and help your customers. Also known as your web experience.

There is always room for improvement. If you need assistance in completing a detailed audit of the configuration of your Wix website, get in touch with us.

We build web experiences that work for you!

Luis M. Serrano

"Own the experience!"

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