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Choose LBW as your Wix Admin

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Why LBW? In 1981, I started working as an illustrator for the US Army. Back then, we did not have all the fancy software tools at our disposal today, but we did have some cool ones that allowed us to get the job done. My job required that I create numerous digital communications networks, "Bubble Charts" in thirty-inch cardboard posters, using a drafting table equipped with a mechanical arm that held a fountain pen with "Chinese" ink at the tip. Using a stencil ruler, a square, and other manual gadgets, I manually drew every single one of them with the patience of a monk and with surgeon-like precision. A dot out of place or an uneven line meant redoing the whole chart; no Undo button or drag-and-drop was available back then. My old-school designing experience taught me valuable lessons that I apply to everything I do today; quality will not be compromised.

Today, we have access to many digital tools, such as the Wix platform, to create experiences only limited by your inspiration. Add to it the many available applications and the customization that coding lets you build; an integrated, easy-to-use, ever-growing platform allows the business owner to design and deliver an unforgettable experience to all connected customers. Your website may become a revenue-generating tool representing your business 24/7 and inspiring new and current customers to trust your brand. We can help you achieve that goal.

"Your website may become a revenue-generating tool that will represent your business 24/7 and inspire new and current customers to trust your brand"

For that reason and many others, you can trust that we will deliver a product of visual quality, detailed design, and revenue-generating functionality. Let us "Wix Your Page."

To find out more, CONTACT US.

LBW "Own the experience."

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