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What is a Classic Website?

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Everyday, I receive requests from potential customers that want a "Classic Website". I wonder if my definition of it is in tune with what the customer is envisioning. Clear expectations are important as we aim to satisfy all of our customers requests and deliver a product that will meet them, and in most cases go beyond their vision.

I asked ChatGPT (AI), and this is what it said:

A classic website refers to a type of website design and layout that has been popular for a long time and has a timeless quality to it. These websites often have a simple, clean, and straightforward design, and focus on delivering information in an organized and easy-to-use manner. Classic websites often utilize traditional web design elements, such as header and footer sections, a two- or three-column layout, and simple color palettes. They are also often built with accessibility in mind, ensuring that users with disabilities can easily navigate and access the information on the site. Examples of classic websites include personal blogs, news websites, and small business websites.

A Classic Website is one that even though is simple, it does contain all the design features and functionality that will allow online, interactive communication between your business and the visitors. It will at least contain five (5) pages, strips or sections that present your business to the public with a trustworthy image and remarkable branding.

It must contain the design elements and functionality that will generate trust and opportunity. It must provide your visitors with the opportunity to learn about your products and services in a way that creates interest and provokes interaction with you.

My type of Classic Website includes:

  • An impacting home page

  • A descriptive product/services page with a short video

  • A Contact Us page linked to your email address with notifications

  • It is linked to all your social media channels

  • An About US section that truly describes what to be expected from you

From this solid foundation you will be able to expand in size and functionality depending on the scope of your particular business. From here you will be able to leap into a full eCommerce Website when ready.

To learn more about how to get an LBW Classic Website check out our Starter Bundle and send us your questions. "Own the experience"

Luis M. Serrano

(352) 693-5041

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