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We offer a per-hour fee for those small tasks that require immediate attention but aren't listed in our pricing schedule. Things like content updates, an app that needs installation, an image that needs improvement, we can help in almost any small task. Any task will be billed a minimum of one(1) hour of service. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance plan to stay updated with unlimited support. Contact us for answers.

Miscellaneous Maintenance


    Because of the great amount of time, planning, and effort that are dedicated to each and every project, once a project has started there are no refunds. We appreciate your understanding.

    The design and implementation of our projects does not require delivery in person. Once we finish it, and the payment schedule has been completed, the delivery will be made digitally by transferring it to your own Wix account. Please contact us if you have any questions.


    The published price covers the described services for each product. If, for any reason, you request other services not listed for this product, we will adapt to the needs of your project. Additional costs may be added if new requirements are added. Once we negotiate and agree on the project's fees, a separate invoice and a link to pay it online will be sent to you. There will be no hidden fees;  your satisfaction is our primary goal. We reserve the right to decline or cancel any project due to the lack of payment or Force Majeure. We will be glad to answer any questions sent to

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